Rosacea Burning and How to Relieve It

Other people may see signs that someone has rosacea, but rosacea burning is a symptom that the person experiencing it feels. The visible signs may be red flushed areas on the face, acne-like inflammation, visible spider like veins or dry, thickened skin. But from the inside, it can be accompanied by a hot burning feeling which can also be very itchy or tender.

Studies have shown that rosacea burning is experienced by roughly 72 percent of patients. Others complain of itching, tingling, stinging or prickling sensations while other report general tenderness or swelling. I can always tell when my rosacea is going to erupt because I get a tingling sensation in the exact spot where, shortly after, an acne like sore presents itself.

Some people report these symptoms beyong the central face region, the ears, neck, scalp and behind the ears, being the most common areas. Others get it in the collar bone area. This discomfort and pain is often not appreciated by others who don’t suffer from it.

Rosacea burning is often experienced after exposure to cold weather conditions. The blood vessels release compensating heat and inflammatory substances which your brain interprets as a burning sensation. Some have even experienced it without the red flushing. This is called “invisible burning syndrome”. In connection with this, a further group of rosaceans who experience burning sensations (among other symptoms) has been recently identified. They have what is now called “Neurogenic Rosacea” because the primary cause of the symptoms is neurological (nerve) dysfunction rather than blood capilliary issues.

How to Get Relief From Rosacea Burning

 1. Red Light Therapy (RLT)

The appealing thing about RLT is that you can buy kits which enable you to administer this treatment at home. This way, you’re not paying for visits to clinics and you have the convenience of using this treatment on yourself every day. It is an effective alternative to laser therapy. Not only so, you may also find that Red Light Therapy helps smooth out some unwanted wrinkles. The reason is, because concentrated red light is absorbed by the mitochondria in your skin cells and stimulates the generation of more collagen, which is the building block of skin structure.

It should be noted that, unlike laser therapy, RLT is a non-thermal procedure so no tissue is harmed or destroyed in the process. The current home treatment recommendation is two 20 minute alternate infra-red and red light treatments per week for 4 weeks; however there is no limit to the number of treatments you can have as there is no danger to the skin from the use of the device. You can purchase any of a number of red light therapy home use devices currently available. The better models have both red and infra-red settings. According to some forum posts, combining the two settings produces better results for rosacea burning.

2. Supplements that Help Rosacea Burning

You should consider supplementing your diet with some serious omega-3 liquid products. Flax Seed Oil or Eskimo-3 Natural Stable Fish Oil would be excellent choices. These fats heal and promote health in so many ways, but they also help regenerate healthy, glowing skin like no other supplement that I am aware of. To combat rosacea, 1-2 tbsp. a day would be required. If you are already taking perscription blood thinning medication, don’t take these supplements without first checking with our doctor.

In Summary

The Rosacea burning sensation tends to be more frequently experienced by people with dry skin conditions than those with oily skin. This means that the effectiveness of the above treatment suggestions may be entirely dependent on what type of rosacea you have. The medical profession have found rosacea a difficult problem to solve, mainly because its triggers and its solutions seem to be almost unique to each individual. The basic problem behind rosacea burning, is that your blood capillaries are closer to your skin’s surface than they should be, so you feel the warmth of your body heat in your face. If this then is the source of the problem, the solution lies in either improving your subcutaneous anatomy (RLT may do it) or finding soothing and healing solutions and anti-inflammatory supplements that will manage the symptoms for you.


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