Photoderm Rosacea Treatment Looks Promising

Photoderm rosacea treatment is a form of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy that came about through advances in technology and the production of the Photoderm V/L P/L laser by ESC Medical Systems. It is particularly suitable for rosaceans who have visible facial blood vessels among their symptoms.

Using photoderm rosacea therapy, this remarkable new machine cauterizes unwanted blood vessels or pigmented areas using a high-energy flash of light which passes through normal skin but is absorbed by the blood or skin pigmentation and converted there into heat. It does not involve radiation of any kind and can therefore safely be used by expecting mothers.

What Does Photoderm Rosacea Treatment Feel Like?

If you can imagine someone snapping a small rubber band on your face, this will give you a fair idea of the sensations associated with the procedure. So there will be a slight stinging sensation afterwards. However, if you have a problem with this level of discomfort just ask for some anaesthetic cream to be applied beforehand.

Potential Side Effects

Dermatologists claim that you can expect some redness, bruising, welts or even an occasional blister, but that these are only temporary and may appearĀ  for about 1-3 weeks after treatment. You will also notice the vascular lesions from the procedure, becoming darker before they disappear. There is also a very slight possibility that the treated areas may heal with lighter or darker pigmentation than they began with but this is far from normal and if it presents itself, should fade within 1-3 months. There is also a very rare possibility of scarring.

Who Should Avoid the Treatment

If you’re a darker skinned person then photoderm rosacea treatment may not be for you. Same goes for those who don’t heal well, or have a tendency for thick scar tissue. If you like tanning yourself out in the sun, you should also put this on hold for at least one month before and after your treatment.

Comparison With Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment

The main advantage of photoderm treatment for rosacea is its ability to deal with blood vessels at different depths of the skin. It’s simply a matter of adjusting the wavelengths. Unlike the pulsed dye laser which can only penetrate 1.2mm into the skin, the photoderm can go 3mm deep. This is where it’s out on its own.

The other appealing thing about using the photoderm rosacea treatment over other options is, that it can target thick walled blood vessels. Why is this relevant? After all, rosacea is mainly associated with thin blood vessels near the skin’s surface. However, it’s the thick walled and deeper blood vessels which serve as the main delivery vehicle to the superficial thinner ones and are the primary cause behind rosacea flushing. If you can alter the volume they deliver then you can solve the problem.

According to reports, photoderm treatments are also less painful than the pulsed dye laser.

How Much Does Photoderm Rosacea Therapy Cost?

The price of course will vary from clinic to clinic, but one source has quoted $75 for the initial consultation and then $350 per treatment thereafter. Since photoderm treatments can be used for other vascular problems such as varicose veins, the price may vary depending on the cosmetic value of the area. The willingness or otherwise of your insurance to cover the cost may depend on the stated purpose of the procedure. Cosmetic procedures for example, are generally not covered.


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