Mineral Makeup Rosacea Skin Care

Why choose a mineral makeup rosacea covering solution over other available makeup products? There are a number of good reasons. First of all, it is highly likely that your rosacea affected areas will be oily and this, in combination with rosacea’s characteristic blood vessels and capilliaries being close to the surface of your skin, is a breeding ground for infection. So a water based, non-greasy product to cover the affected areas should be your preference. Oily, greasy products will only exacerbate the condition.

Rosacea sufferers also need makeup products that soothe and calm the skin, so it definitely needs to be free from known irritants. There are literally hundreds of mineral makeup products on the market today but only a small percentage of them don’t contain fillers, fragrances, chemicals, dyes and other ingredients which, once the makeup is removed, may leave your skin looking more flushed.

Remember also, that our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, so whatever we put on it will absorb into our system and potentially affect our general health over the long term. It is important to choose a mineral makeup rosacea regime that will look after you, not fill you with toxins. Good mineral makeup products might cost a bit more but they are well worth it – and you will often get better value for money anyway, since the pots will last longer due to their high quality.

Mineral Makeup Ingredients to Avoid

When choosing a mineral makeup rosacea sufferers should carefully check the labels to ensure that none of these ingredients are present. Please be aware that many mineral makeup products contain these but they are not recommended for women with rosacea. You want to avoid anything with talc. Talc is a known cancer causing agent and it also clogs your pores, so avoid at all costs. The next one is Bismuth Oxychloride. It is a filler often used in makeup products but is a naturally occurring heavy metal whose molecular composition resembles arsenic. It can cause itchiness, particularly when you perspire. You should also avoid anything that contains preservatives, synthetic dyes and fragrances.

Mineral Makeup Ingredients to Include

Be sure to look for a product which contains zinc oxide. This is a well known anti-inflammatory, which means it will calm and soothe your skin without any harmful after effects. This makes it perfect for people with blemishes of any kind, including of course, rosacea. Many have even claimed that makeup products containing zinc oxide and titanium oxide (assuming everything else is natural) actually cure their rosacea.

Other recommendations include mineral makeup with a green tinted base, as this will interact well with the red pigmentation in your skin, to correct it. If you can get one with ultra violet (UV) protection it’s even better, since protection from the sun is important for rosacea sensitive skin.

The Mineral Makeup Rosacea Sufferers Recommend

Ok so here it is! The mineral makeup that has received rave reviews from women with rosacea for over 10 years is produced by the Bare Escentuals Company. They have a range of mineral makeup cleansers, foundations and makeup kits which have earned the reputation of being completely pure, containing only earth minerals and of the highest quality. Their product brand name is “Bare Minerals” and it comes in a range of products and sizes.

The quality of these products allows you to slowly apply thin layers of this mineral makeup over your face and build it up to the level of coverage you need. On those areas where you rosacea symptoms are more visible, you just apply a little more. The pigments are all natural products – in fact, the “all natural” quality of this product makes it the mineral makeup rosacea patients have loved and recommended for decades.

You can buy it in most countries, or from places like Ebay and Amazon.com

You’ll also find some good rosacea makeup tips, including how to apply foundation, concealers etc. here.



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