Homeopathy Rosacea Treatment

The philosophy behind homeopathy rosacea treatment lies in the basic homeopathic principle that “like cures like”. This effectively means that you give someone a small dosage of something which, if you had given the same thing in larger doses, would actually cause the problem in a healthy person. It works on the principle that by giving the smaller dose, you stimulate the body’s immune system to counter the problem.

You’ll notice that this is similar to the vaccination principle, except that whereas vaccines contain the actual pathogen that has first been “killed” and so when received internally, stimulates the production of antibodies without actually infecting the patient, homeopathic substances do not. Homeopathy also takes into account a wider range of patient indications such as personality, lifestyle and hereditary factors, plus the individual’s history with the disease. Therefore, unlike vaccinations, homeeopathic treatments are individually tailored for each person.

Since it is a form of holistic medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide, we believe it should be given some consideration here. It should be noted that all homeopathy rosacea treatments we mention here are considered safe and free from serious adverse reactions.

Homeopathy Rosacea Remedies for Various Stages of the Condition

There are various stages of severity for rosacea and each of the homeopathy rosacea treatments recommended below are designed for specific symptoms.

1. When You Only Have a Flushed Complexion

In cases like this, your homeopath might prescribe Agaricus muscarius. Typical symptoms for which this solution is given are when the redness has come from exposure to cold air but produces red skin along with burning and itching sensations. Another possibility is Belladona, which is given when the skin is shiny and hot to touch.

2. When Your Flushed Complexion is Accompanied by Acne Pimples

Acne Rosacea is just one form of the disease and is associated with acne-like symptoms which appear on the nose, under the eyes and on the forehead. When you present with these symptoms, your homeopathy rosacea solution might be Psorinum, or if pus is present, Silicea. However, when the general area has  become painful and the skin somewhat hardened, Eugenia Jambos might be employed.

3. When Your Rosacea Includes Visible Blood Vessels

If your facial skin appears blue and your visible capilliaries give it that marbled effect along with a cold sweaty look, your homeopathic practitioner might prescribe Carbo vegetabilis. It is one of the most effective homeopathy rosacea medicines and is also used to treat gas problems. However, if your skin is hot, not cold, then Lachesis mutus might be more suitable.

homeopathy rosacea

4. When Your Rosacea has Developed Thickening Skin

When rosace has been left untreated for some time, the injured areas can begin to form connective tissue over the skin, causing it to become thickened. When this occurs on the nose, it can give it an enlarged, bulbous appearance. Two homeopathic medicines are used in these circumstances – Hydocotyle asciatica or Sarsaparilla officinalis. Both of these are claimed to give good results.

5. When Rosacea Gets Into Your Eyes

Physicians call this stage, Ocular Rosacea. Your eyes are watering because they are red, hot and itching. If your homeopath observes these symptoms, they might recommend Euphrasia officinalis. If it has been exacerbated by cosmetic use, then Bovista lycoperdon might be on the menu, or if you’ve had too much sun, then Cantharis vesicatoria might be your solution.

Some people get rosacea symptoms following too much alcohol intake, in which case, Nux Vomica is known to work effectively.

Whatever your symptoms, it should be noted that the correct dosages and applications should only be provided by a registered homeopathic practitioner and you should not try to manufacture and administer a homeopathy rosacea treatment by yourself. You can however, purchase the abovementioned medicines online.


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4 thoughts on “Homeopathy Rosacea Treatment

  1. Hello I am suffering from rosacea from last 3 years .. I have done everything but nothing is looking to work for me. I am 20 years old .. I have redness on my cheek it’s look like redness patch on cheek and 1 or 2 pimple come but that doesn’t both me so can you plz suggest homeopathy medicine for me

  2. Hello Lakshit. At 20 years of age, I’m doubtful that you have rosacea. Probably more like acne, or possibly an allergy problem, or something else? You should visit a dermatologist and get it diagnosed correctly, together with a recommended solution.

  3. Hello sir i am 22years female i have rosacea from last 2 years..tried evrythng nothng worked now in winters its getting worse redness dryness burning alongwith pimples.i have started homeopathic tx 2 weeks ago but no results yet as per thier advice i stopped all allopathic tx and cream so it is worse now can u tell how much time will it take to show some improvement…

  4. I am 45 years suffering rosacea last 6 months I treated alopathi doctor used creams but dtill have redness and pimples were i can consult

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