Best Makeup for Rosacea

Many rosacea sufferers, particularly women, are on the lookout for the best makeup for rosacea. After all, your face is the first thing that people notice – and if you’re tired of people politely asking “are you well?” when you go out, then you might want to consider some of the options we will explore here.

What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition that has unaesthetic symptoms. It usually develops on the face skin, particularly on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. The symptoms may vary from red spots, pimples, dilatation of vessels on the skin’s surface. These symptoms can worsen if your rosacea is ignored or doesn’t receive treatment. We all prefer our skin to have an even color, soft surface and glow. The great news is that even though you may have been diagnosed with rosacea you still can use an effective makeup to diminish these unwanted symptoms. So here are some secrets about the best makeup for rosacea.


Hygiene is a must when dealing with rosacea, as tiny little mites that inhabit our facial skin and which can be particularly prevalent in rosacea sufferers, will aggravate your symptoms. So clean and hydrate your skin, with adequate skin products according to your issue and with gentle movements, before applying the makeup. Do not use sponges, as they might irritate your sensitive skin. The tools you use for makeup, like brushes, should have antibacterial properties too, to minimize any risk. Now, proceeding to the best makeup for rosacea, here are the things you should know to obtain best results:

  • Do not use too many products for your makeup. Loading the skin with too much cosmetics can have an adverse impact on the skin. Try instead to use multifunctional products, so you will get best results with fewer products. Always test the product on a non-affected skin area, like neck of arm, to ensure that you don’t get any unwanted reaction to the product’s composition.
  • Go for a greenish makeup base. Bases with a green tint are fantastic in evening the color shade of your skin, by minimalizing the red zones. Choose one with solar protection also. UVA and UVB protection will save you from the harming effects of the sun on your skin rosacea.
  • The foundation should be oil-free. Your sensitive skin does not need coverage of oily products. Also, matching the color of the foundation as much as possible with the color of your skin is a must. If you want to use a concealer, then this one should be maybe with one shade lighter than the skin.
  • Products with mineral composition should be on your list. Mineral products are well known for noncomedogenic properties, meaning it won’t clog your pores, leaving your skin the ability to breath. There are special mineral foundations, with a yellow tint, for reducing the red color. Eye shadows and blush powders are also as mineral alternatives. Although, it is advisable not to put on too much blush, as your skin already has the tendency of being reddish.
  • Eye makeup should always be gentle. There are types of rosacea that can affect the eyes too. But whatever the case might be, you should only use products that are approved by ophthalmologists. Opt for eyeliner and mascara that can be easily removed with warm water, without the need to rub and pull on your skin.
  • Lips should be almost natural. Since you already have a reddish skin complexion, your lips should be colored in soft and natural shades, close to your natural skin color. A strong color will only accentuate the redness of your skin tone.
  • Professional solutions for severe cases. If your rosacea symptoms are medium towards severe, there are specialized products that can cover these issues. Cover-corrective cosmetics, as they are called, have a great way of covering all skin problems and even the entire look. It means you will pay for it, but in return, your rosacea will look like it had never existed.

So there you have it – a few simple principles to guide you toward choosing the best makeup for rosacea. If you remember what to avoid and what to include, your rosacea symptoms can be hidden for a short while and your social life enhanced. But need we say it? Don’t focus on covering it up at the expense of discovering and eliminating the underlying cause. Good luck!

Lisa Eldridge Talks About the Best Makeup for Rosacea